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Thursday, Oct 18th

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Codan Code 463 Multi-wire Broadband Dipole Antenna

Codan 463 VerticalThe code 463 series Multi-wire Broadband Dipole Antenna is a 3-wire terminated folded dipole antenna designed for broadband operation in fixed stations. It is available in multiple power levels up to 1 kW and can be mounted horizontally between two support systems, or as an inverted “V” using a single central support mast.

Key Features

  • Durability
    • The C463 series antenna is made from lightweight, weatherproof materials that thrive in extreme conditions and withstand wind speeds greater than 200 km/h.
  • Performance
    • The antenna performs optimally over a wide HF range, which means an antenna tuner is not needed.
  • Easy to install
    • The antenna is supplied completely assembled and ready for erection with an inverted “V” mounting arm and detailed erection instructions.