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Monday, Oct 22nd

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Codan 3033 Telephone Interconnect

Codan 3033 Telephone InterconnectThe 3033 Telephone Interconnect combines your organisations remote HF radio network and public or private telephone networks. It features a fully automated mode with remote management facilities suited for unattended sites. An intuitive web interface provides access to call logging records and configuration settings. To ensure calling is simple and reliable, the 3033 is integrated with popular radio calling systems including ALE and Selcall.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
    • The 3033 features an interactive telephone voice prompting system that guides you when making a call from a telephone to an HF station.
  • Multilingual support
    • The flexible architecture of the 3033 ensures there are no limitations to voice prompt languages.
  • Web browser interface
    • A standard web browser is used to access the embedded configuration and call management tools.
  • Embedded call logging
    • Calls initiated from either a telephone or a HF station are recorded in a comprehensive call logging database within the 3033.
  • Programmable access rights
    • The 3033 can be configured so that only authorised HF and telephone users have access to the system.
  • Secure communication
    • The 3033 supports HF radios optioned with encryption and frequency hopping to ensure HF communications is always secure.