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Thursday, Oct 18th

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Codan HF Express™


Codan HF ExpressCodan's HF Express™ software, combined with the 3112 HF Data Modem ensures you get connected anywhere by providing reliable, cost-effective, high speed data communications in remote areas where little or no telecommunications infrastructure exists.

HF Express™ is powered by Codan's STANAG 5066 protocol and delivers Interactive Chat & File Transfer capabilities within a user-friendly Windows® environment.


Key Features

  • Interactive Real-Time Chat
    • HF Express™ has many features including individual or broadcast addressing and cross-vendor interoperability.
  • High Speed File Transfer
    • HF Express™ High Speed File Transfer delivers compression for up to 4x speed increase, bi-directional operation, and operates simultaneously with Chat.
  • Intuitive User Interface
    • Our HF Express™ is easy to install and set up. You can save and recall chat sessions, move files by dragging and dropping, and distribute files quickly using a file-based contacts list.
  • Standards Based
    • HF Express™ is powered by STANAG 5066 protocol, and when used with a 3112 HF Data Modem it supports MIL-STD waveforms.
  • STANAG 5066
    • Codan's STANAG 5066 features modem data rate control, ARQ for robustness and ALE support including advanced LQA.


Download HF Express™ datasheet