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Thursday, Oct 18th

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Codan Batteries — 2110 Manpack series


Codan Battery PackWith Codan’s intelligent battery management system you can easily manage your battery operation and reduce operational costs. It continuously displays the battery condition and charging state, giving you confidence for mission critical operations. Three battery types are available to tailor the 2110 or 2110M to suit your mission.


Key Features

  • Intelligent battery system
    • Codan’s integrated battery management controller continuously monitors battery condition, usage and remaining capacity, and automatically prevents batteries from being overcharged for maximum battery life.
  • Long battery usage
    • Codan’s 2110 transceiver delivers the lowest current consumption of any available manpack transceiver (120mA standby current). You can operate continuously for several days on a single battery charge, without the need to lug a spare battery.
  • Durability
    • Codan’s battery packs are waterproof and comprise of high grade, high impact plastics - a must for operation in extreme environments:
      • Sealed Lead Acid 7 Ah
      • Nickel Metal Hydride 8 Ah
      • Nickel Metal Hydride 13 Ah


Download Batteries — 2110 Manpack series datasheet