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Friday, Nov 16th

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Codan Voice Encryptor for HF radio communications


Codan Voice EncryptorCodan’s Voice Encryptor option for NGT transceivers is a simple, practical and affordable solution for communication security (COMSEC) across High Frequency (HF) radio networks.


Key Features

  • Simple to use
    • Secure mode is activated at the touch of a single button, and enables you to communicate sensitive information in confidence.
  • Reliable
    • The Voice Encryptor uses a unique patented SAFE encryption technology, for efficient communications even across poor channel conditions.
  • Secure
    • Using analog encryption the Voice Encryptor provides a high level of privacy and tactical security to suit military purposes or any commercial requirements.
  • Compact and discreet
    • The Voice Encryptor is fully integrated into an NGT HF SSB transceiver and its operation, making it compact and discreet.
  • Key management and configuration
    • Each NGT transceiver fitted with a Voice Encryptor can be programmed with a Corporate Code to ensure call security and can be modified by using a PIN for increased protection.


Download Voice Encryptor datasheet